A Note For NikaDimm

You asked about a fic you had read and posted this in a blog a few months ago- "Please ask about this fic. I do not know title or author's name, but I know the plot. Someone will recognise Maybe it and help to find it. Illya is dealing with a unit which infiltrated THRUSH KGB. He works undercover, everybody thinks he's a Soviet spy, only Waverly knows the truth. Napoleon is unaware of what's happening, but he refuses to take Illya as an enemy and tries to help him. It seems to me there was an episode in which the partners met for the first time and started working together. A gen's It fic"

In LJ, we have a "Fic Find" site where friends help us find stories like the one you asked about. Here is the response from one of the members. She believes the story you were looking for is called "Disheveled" by Lyrebird. Be advised, however, it is slash or at least pre-slash. I haven't read the entire fic.


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2016-01-19 в 01:09 

неправый кто-то в интернете капслоком брызжет из ушей сожми кулак вдохни поглубже забей (с)
Thank you very much! I'm also looking for this fanfic

2016-01-19 в 02:35 

If you read this line remember not the hand that writ it

umm... Wasn't me, I did not read such a fanfic. I hope a person who was looking for this fic will see this post though. Thank you for helping to find it. The plot sounds interesting, will try to read it after I go through what I'm reading now - which are all MFU fanfics of the author of Firebird's Tale, as I loved this one dearly

2016-01-19 в 06:53 


Hmmm I couldn't find the original post so I must be mistaken. So sorry. At least Limbaugh enjoyed it and was searching for it.

2016-01-19 в 06:54 

Limbaugh Perhaps you were the one who asked for it??? Enjoy!

2016-01-19 в 14:55 

И если двое сочных мужчин могут полежать рядом, но не в морге, то скажите, а я послушаю. (с)
lindafishes8, thank you! I was the one who was looking for this fic too. I liked what I read. But I think that it's still not the fic that we were looking.

2016-01-20 в 02:05 

Это я спрашивала про такой фанфик :)
lindafishes8, спасибо вам за ответ! :)
Но это другая история. Эта похожа только тем, что в ней говорится про ячейку Thrush в СССР. В остальном этот рассказ не похож на тот, что мы искали)

2016-01-28 в 09:03 


I found another story where Illya is believed to be a traitor. I hope it is the story you are looking for. If not, it's a great read. Sorry, more Vodka. :D



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